The wild lake

The wild lake

As we settle in to our new home, we all spend a lot of time on the deck. With breath taking sunrises and green as far as the eye can see. Who wouldn’t want to spend every waking moment out here? On of the most in creditable thing that we get to see is the Bustling wildlife at our door step. As I looked out on to the road what I see…..

Deer a young one. OMG!!!!!!!!

I quickly but quietly went to go get the kids. They had never seen a deer in the wild before. So this was a treat for sure. As we stood there on the deck watching every move the deer made, giggling with excitement I knew we were in a very special place. I felt very grateful to be here and very happy the kids get to see this.

We watch as she drank from the neighbor’s bird bath and then slower walked back into the green lush forest behind our house.

What can say to that. To some it may not be the end all experience. But for my family it was the beginning of form a bond with nature by getting closer. Now that to me is priceless.

I cant wait to see what else we get to see!