DIY Autumn Potpourri

DIY Autumn Potpourri



Fall Potpourri

I love love love..... things that smell good. One of the most awesome parts of fall is the smell. Cinnamon, cloves, apples, pumpkin, oranges, lavender, vanilla –  Ok I'm getting hungry now just talking about it, Well it does smell like apple pie in here or is that just me. as I was saying these all bring to mind the wonderful fall season along with the cool rush of air that signals the coming of the fall holidays. 

Depending on the smells you like, you can make different potpourri recipes to bring out that smell and feeling right to the tip of your nose. 

All you need is dried flowers, zest, cloves, cinnamon sticks, apples, pumpkins, other fall-scented plants and water.  Don't be afraid to combine different sents. Just follow your nose.

You can dry flowers, fruit, and more at home yourself just using your oven or by hanging the arrangements upside down in a dry place.

If you have a dehydrator,( but not needed) you can also use that. Or you can use an oven, parchment paper and a low temperature of 250 degrees Fahrenheit for several hours until the fruit or flowers are completely dried.  (Check your toaster oven sometimes they have a setting for dehydrating).  You can buy already dried ingredients and spices, as well as oils to make everything smell even stronger. 

Don’t be afraid to bring in things from the outside, or use things that you know normally smell good when you’re cooking it, like coffee. Ground coffee in the right potpourri can smell divine and bring just the right spirit to your fall décor ideas. 

Let's get started!

Lavender and Spice and Everything Nice

1 bunch dried lavender
1 TBS ground nutmeg
1 TBS whole cloves
1 stick cinnamon
2 cups water

Add to a small slow cooker on low with the lid on it. Keep going all day by adding water as needed. 


Dried Apple Spice Potpourri

1 cup apple slices, dried
2 TBS ground cinnamon
2 TBS whole cloves
1/4 TBS allspice berries
2 TBS Otis root powder
10 cinnamon sticks
10 small pinecones
Cinnamon oil

Combine into a jar big enough for the pinecones to fit, put the lid on tightly and shake. Add as much cinnamon oil as you think you need to make it smell as you wish. After a couple of weeks, you can remove the pinecones with tongs and allow to dry. The smell should stay. Put in a basket and leave on a dresser or bathroom counter to bring fall smells inside.




Orange Spice Potpourri

10 slices freshly dried oranges
1 bunch of pinecones
1/4 cup star anise
10 cinnamon sticks
1/4 cup whole cloves

Combine all the ingredients in a bowl using as much as you need to fill the bowl that you’re using to help impart the scent to the house. You can add whole oranges, flowers, rocks and other elements to the mix to make it look extra special for the fall. 


Anything you think smells good in the fall can be used to help make a wonderful potpourri. From dried pumpkin, dried berries, to cloves and coffee, the only thing limiting you is your imagination. Use these ideas to get started.

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