Leafy Autumn Crafts for Everyone

Have some leafy fun with fall leaves

Leafy Autumn Crafts for Everyone

Leafy Autumn Crafts for Everyone

Autumn is a great time for getting the kids involved with the autumn craft. The weather getting colder this will be for some the last days of outdoor play before the weather turns cold and icy.

As the seasons change we also have the opportunity to teach them the cycle of our ego systems and the history of surrounding areas where we live. It’s a win-win situation all the way around. 

I love to do crafting for myself self and the kids love it too. besides I do think we spend enough time being creative......So let's get crafty shall we? LOL



Leaf Collage 

A great fall craft idea is to create a leaf collage.

1. First, you can have fun with your children finding leaves and other fall items out of doors to use for the collage.  You can totally turn this into a day trip to the park, or maybe a hike. Why not pack a lunch or snack, or even bring a thermos full of warm hot chocolate.

2. Use a container to collect the leaves. Most anything will do a box or even a bag. just make sure it dry and clean.

3. Start collecting, with nature providing all kinds of colors, shapes, and sizes you should come up with quite the collection with no two the same. Once you get them home then you can choose the type of surface that you need to stick it all to in an attractive arrangement. 

4. Using the glue of your choice, apply the leaves and grasses to your paper add color with makers glitter or crayons and presto!

A Master Piece is born!


Fall craft for kids is fun and easy. Just let your imagination go. The idea is to spend time with your family.

Until Next Time,

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