Life in the middle lane small town life

Life in the middle lane small town life

I have been living in big city most of my life. So moving to a small town would mean a big change.

Well maybe not so big. Living in a city like Sacramento was great fast pace but much slower then my previous city of san Francisco. I even use to say things sure are slow here in Sacramento, funny now that I think about it. It was much more spread out than san Francisco. With a few plots rural like area. Which at the time to me meant if you had chickens or horses that was rural? LOL.

Of course, after living here for several years I realized that it was not rural, but more like Agriculture. I thought it was a great mixed so close together. But you still had to deal with traffic, large crowds, and ever-growing feeling of things moving faster and faster. Lots of grow taking place here.

Don’t get me wrong I like living in Sacramento, but long to have my own little green gables. Yes the same from the book/movie Anne of green Gables. Lots of trees near water!

Moving to clear lake is where I found that happy medium. I’m not in the city, but yet not totally rural. The town is not slow as a matter of fact I see a great deal of growth if you know where to look. With a great deal of wineries here, and the allure of natural surroundings, this town provides any visitors with a wealth of great things to explore. Jewel in the rough.

As I was driving into town one of my kids says “hey mom, there are no traffic lights here” LOL Well I said we have them but not that many. Funny!

The people who live here tend to go just a little slower, which leaves time to wave say hi, let you go first at the stop sign. And smile a lot more.

I would have to say I like the middle lane of life in this town verses the fast lane living city life!