Luffa Update

Luffa Update

The Big Luffa Update


Well, what a whirlwind. So here’s the story so far. Today is April 18, 2019, and the weather has warmed up and the monsoon rain has stopped LOL. We did have some pretty windy days, but now things have settled down.

Time to start planting.

As you may have read or watched I decided to grow Luffa plants this year. I have never grown them before. I couldn't even find them in my local home and garden store ( ACE, Walmart). So I order a pack from Amazon from a company called Need Seeds

I going to be starting these seeds indoors as a test for transplanting. Before planting these seeds to give them a good soak for 24hours or so.

Luffa Bath!


I decided to start my seeds off in these jiffy seeds starting pods. ( I love these!) These help a lot when transplanting.

I put one seed in each presoaked seed pod.

Lightly cover with seed starting soil. And added water with a spray bottle I put these in a cover seed tray on a heat mat.


WOW!!! This is how they looked after 7days

The first true leaf in 9 days they are growing super fast and look at that color.

Weeks later……..Transplanted and ready for hardening off outside. Very happy so far.

After about 9 days of hardening the luffa plant. I place it in a sunny location with rich loamy soil and next to an 8-foot arched trellis so it will have lots of room to grow.

Well, that's the scoop so far stay tuned for the continuing saga of the big Luffa UPDATE!

If you have any questions let me know or just leave a comment. I would love to hear from you.