Hi there, getting to know my Neighbors

Hi there, getting to know my Neighbors

So after being a while I was thinking to myself, how iam I going to get to know my new Neighbors. Well a few people wave as they drive by, I still had met any .with the weather so nice outside and my dog for some reason not one to poop on the property  happy you're taking him on a walk down to the local park with help him go poo possibly help me me my neighbors

dog friendly

it appears that most of my neighbors are quite dog friendly we're seeing many people out with their dogs or who have dogs in the yard screen remember this is somewhat of a rural area so it's not uncommon for people to have dogs which is just fine with me so off I go walking printing to the park several times a day to go poop NP just do his business I was able to get familiar with my surroundings.

While walking the dog I was able to meet quite a few people at the park just waving or saying hi is something a little new for me since I didn’t walk very much in Sacramento.  On my walks I meet my neighbors local from the senior center (wealth Of IMFORMATION) and near by thrift store. All welcoming faces and good wishes. I believe that getting to know your neighbors is one of the easiest and best ways to get to know your new town.

Never know when you might need a hand of ask a question

True story

Thanksgiving day ,only after being here just a couple of months my dog ran off and I didn’t even notice he was gone. So busy with family and cooking just forgot to check on him ( he’s a Runner) . I was sitting on the couch and I say this lady walk by my window. When I went to go see who it was. It was my neighbor with my dog in tow. She didn’t know my name but she knew my dog and brought him home to me. Did I just make a friend YUP!


I guess what I’m really trying to say is when you move to a new place, get out and get to know you neighbor well a least show your face wave a say Hi there…My name is.