Shopping in my new town

Shopping in my new town
Shopping in my new town

Being mutual small town does have its challenges  not knowing anyone knowing where things are located in trying to find out where they are could be challenging what are the first things I wanted to do was find out where everything was now I would consider myself some model we have a gas station or coffee shop bait store in grade market Anna pizza place just steps away from my home between my home in town is about a 10 minute drive so quite a hike if you don't have a car although there's a bus system it's very small and it doesn't run often or late

I would consider myself lucky most small towns don't have big box stores like Walmart we have one here in about 30 minutes away in Lakeport they have a Kim were one of the few remaining K- mart’s in California or in the US. Kind of cool

Coming from my metropolitan city like Sacramento shopping here became a little bit different. I have way more choices in Sacramento so I could budget and stretch my dollar a lot further in a small town like Clear Lake the shopping choices are a little different.

one great thing about this is fast food. talk about a big change in my style with fast food being further away from home we tend to eat a lot less of and I find myself in the kitchen more often on Friday nights then I used to living in a big city.

Which is just fine for me and great for the kids. This gets everybody involved in cooking meals and spending more time together in the kitchen. Now that is a super plus

  On the other hand, I really do like shopping at the stores close to my home. The red and white which is kind of a historical market here in Clear Lake, is a good place to shop. small but with a great selection I can even get fresh meat here and their fried chicken is to die.

It’s also a great place to check the bulletin board for the latest news of garage sales and community events ( yes people still use these)  who knows you might even get a chance to say hi to a neighbor or make a new friend line  did I mention the people here very very nice   

  There is one more great thing that I learned very quickly about shopping local. You are fueling the local economy. That puts things in a much bigger perspective when you see the dollars going into a small business of the people that you see every day. it makes an impact on you in your community.