Starting My Seeds For Summer Garden

Starting My Seeds For Summer Garden

Getting ready for my summer garden.

My favorite time of the year is here! 

It's time to start my seeds for my summer garden. We had a lot of success last year.  So I'm giving it a go again this year. I got a jump on the season by buying my seeds early and planning what and where I was going to plant.

I really want to grow garden to fork or sustainable for my family. I believe we have plenty of space to grow what we need and like. There is nothing like going out and picking what you're going to eat for dinner.

No really, I am serious. Even before I went rural I grew thing right in my backyard. It was great to go right outside my door to get veggies to cook!. And that was in Sacramento CA.

Things are especially special this time. After last year wildfires, we were close to losing everything. Luckily we did not.

Veggies, veggies and more veggies

What to plant? As I was stating earlier, Sustainable and a healthier lifestyle is my goal and purpose for having a garden of this nature. Learn the best ways to grow and harvest my crops is the journey and the process.

My plan is to grow any veggies I know I will use or eat. I Live in zone 9 which has a good growing season with a great variety of veggies I can grow. 

Now What to grow?

Well, lots of sunflowers to begin in the bee's and they are so easy to grow. Tomatoes of courses and you can't have a salad without lettuce. These are all on my short list. I will give you the full tour as I go. 

I plan to use several different growing methods to make good use of space. I am very excited to start so here we go!

Three things to keep in mind when getting your garden ready!

What zone are you in?

What do you want to grow?

Where are you going to grow it?