Upside Down Tomatoes!

Upside Down Tomatoes!

Upside Down Tomato Plants

How to Grow them on your Deck

Part 6


Looking for an easy way to grow tomatoes on your back deck? Why not try to grow them upside down? Sounds Strange but it really works out great.

There are several benefits to growing tomato plants this way. For one reason it takes up less space, it’s easy to maintain the plant and it’s really fun to watch them grow, right there on your deck.

It’s so popular that many tomato lovers have turned to this way of growing tomato plants to not only increase their crop but because it’s an easy way to grow one of the most favorite garden vegetables in the country.

When growing tomatoes upside down, they are grown in a container rather than in the dirt in your garden. 

This is a pleasing way to those that love the thought of a garden, but they just don’t have the room to have a full-fledged garden. This way they can enjoy the loving past time of gardening right on the deck, no matter if you live in the country or an apartment. It works great for everyone.

 Another benefit to growing tomatoes upside down is that there is no need for staking. Tomato plants needs support as they grow taller when grown the traditional way but with the plant hanging upside down, the weight falls naturally towards the ground. You’ll also never have to worry about weeding your upside-down tomato plant, which will save so much time.

There’s also a benefit if you have very poor soil in your area, no need to worry about that when you grow them in the upside-down containers. Also, another big problem most gardeners face is the dreaded pests that like to snack on your precious tomato plants in the normal garden. No more worries about that with them hanging on your deck.

Those bugs just can’t climb up there to get to your plants. Plus, keeping the tomato plants separate reduces the disease that can easily be spread from one plant to the other in your average back yard garden.

Growing tomatoes upside down will also benefit the plant directly.  For instance, growing tomato plants upside down can help your tomatoes plants to produce better, bigger crop of tomatoes. 

This is a result of better airflow to the plant and there is less stress on the branches as they grow upside down. Your tomatoes will also ripen faster than those grown in the average back yard garden.

Plus, since you're tomatoes are gown away from the ground you won’t have to worry about rotting tomatoes that touch the soil.

Some suggest that you should pick a smaller variety of tomatoes for this project. But many gardeners have found that they would rather grow them upside down that in their outdoor garden, because of the ease of growing and all the other benefits we discussed previously.

To just go out to you deck and pick your nice ripe tomato for lunch is way easier than hiking down to the garden spot, making a path through the weeds, getting dirt all over yourself just to harvest a few tomatoes for that salad.