Uptight …..Try a little Gardening

Uptight …..Try a little Gardening

The day to day grind and really zap your energy   Gardening is a great way to relax and un wind.

There are several reasons why gardening can help you relax.

Usually you feel better if you can separate yourself from a

stressful situation and that can be accomplished by doing

something that you like. That where spending time gardening comes in.

When ever I spend time in the garden, I tend to clear my thoughts and become more interested in my surrounding.

Gardening can build self-confidence and it can raise self

esteem.  There’s nothing like seeing something you planted pop out of the ground. I sometime catch my self-saying… . I Did it! Yesss!  When you grow something anything in your garden you can feel satisfied

knowing that you created something important and special.

Gardening can also get you out of the house. Super Plus. Getting out of the house has it’s own benefits. Unplugging from Electronics   and spending time with mother nature can lower your blood pressure.

Study have shown that being outside reduces stress , so get out there and enjoy the fresh air, your body and mind will thank you for it trust me.

So if your looking for a way to  to unwind and stay healthy try gardening. It doesn’t have to be big try something small that catches your eye, or something you would like to eat and just go for it!


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