Hi There, my name is Tamara and this is my story of my journey moving from a big metropolitan city to small town. let me tell you: it was big change and I was a little worried about the kids adjusting but I was also very excited about starting something new.

 More than 25 years ago I lived in a small town of South Lake Tahoe for just a little over a year I loved it there and always wanted to come back and live in a small-town atmosphere. Now Fast forward to 2018 woo hoo after months of raising crime and rental rates climbing out of control in the Sacramento California area we decided it was time to seek green pastures prefer near water, with lots of trees.  We both wanted rural but need ed to still be close to things for the kids (We’ll Talk about that later). What we were really looking for was a small town with a house with a little land.

After looking for a couple of months we found a place. Not just a Place A Home.

This was somewhere we were both familiar with. I had come here as a child many many time fishing with my great grand parents and grandparents and he had lived here in his early youth fishing and hanging out with friends. This place is beautifully adorned with trees, beautiful Lake with world class bass fishing…which I love and Kind people. The place I’m about it is Clear Lake California.

 The Lake is as beautiful as I remembered it to be although it's been hit with some pretty major wildfires this place is still gorgeous and I love being part of this community... so much that I wanted to share, and that's why I've started this blog .

Coming to Lake Country was a lifestyle change and sharing that change with you I hope that I can help others with an adjustment from a large city to a small town and while we're at It, I figured we'd have some fun doing some stuff, growing some stuff, learning some stuff.  Are you ready ?

So Welcome to Rule your Rural

Not just living Rural But loving the rural you’re in .