What to do with the land around me

What to do with the land around me

What to do with all the space around the Property ? I really want to have a garden. There is plenty of space, but where, what, and how?

As I looked around the Property and notice that we had some would that was damage from the old retaining wall be hide our house. There were large long boards with a great rustic look to them. I asked my boyfriend could we use these to build planter boxes. He said yes they would work great for our first project.

What was great about this was we were repurposing the wood and using scraps for rebuilding the deck. (I’ll talk about that later). SO what should we build. The boards were already 4x6 or 4x 8 long boards so to make it simple we made one 6x8 planter box , one 8x8 planter box, and one 4x 6 planter box.

Yeah I get to use power tools SweeeT!!!!!! LoL

After we were done we were left with these great planter boxes

We carried then down a placed where the garden we be.

To keep Gophers  out I put wire mesh at the bottom using stable gun to attach to the bottom of the planter boxes and then lined them with weed block fabric. And Presto we are done. Pretty simple really and fun to make. It only took about a hour to make all three boxes……not bad at all project 1# done!

Next step is dirt!

Check out my next blog about THE DIRT IN THE Garden.!